Celebrate milestones, anniversaries, and experience the remote wilderness of Kangaroo Beach Lodges

Our lodges have hosted truly memorable birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and even just get-togethers
between special friends in need of reconnecting.
Some celebrations should be memorable, and with many mind-blowing experiences that await, as well
as luxury lodges that boast true comfort with up to 8 guests, where better to celebrate?



A secluded beach is a rare luxury in Australia, but at Kangaroo Beach Lodges, we offer access to one of the most beautiful coves in the region.
At low tide, there are caves and rock-holes to explore; or for those who prefer lazing in the sand, you can enjoy the natural entertainment offered by the dolphins, seals and even the friendly blue gropers, who are known to swim by.
With towels, beach shade, eskies (cool box) and folding chairs provided, there’s little you need to do, but lay back and relax.

Food & Wine


South Australia is renowned for its incredible local produce and world-class wine regions. Our visitors can experience the best flavours the region has to offer, delivered to your door. Here, remote means far from people, but never far from the world’s finest food and wine. Let us know your needs in advance, and we can make sure your pantry is brimming with local ingredients upon arrival. All lodge kitchens are well appointed and ready for you to store and prepare your meals.
Should you wish to know more about your local food options, we’re happy to help. Please Contact us to find out more.

Island Tour


From Seal Bay to the historic Kingscote, the Little Sahara Sand Dunes and Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island boasts many incredible places to explore.
We can happily refer local tour operators who deliver specialist tours for lovers of art, food, wine, wildlife and history.



Whether spending a day on the water, diving under it, enjoying the ocean’s freshest bounty, or losing yourself in gazing across the seemingly endless azure seas, the water truly is a wonderland for guests at Kangaroo Beach Lodges.
For those who love to fish, the cove is known for its big schools of salmon trout, flathead and mullet. Pull up a rod and relax, as dinner is delivered straight to your hook.
For those more sporting, we recommend the ultimate day on the water with Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures, or if spotting dolphins and seals is more your style, we recommend a day of fish-seeing and snorkeling with Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures.
Diving, snorkeling, fishing or swimming: exploring the water is one of the many ways to immerse yourself in nature at Kangaroo Beach Lodges.



There are few places where you might encounter wildlife as varied and as untouched by urban life as Kangaroo Island, and our luxury lodges give you front row seats to this incredible show.
From dolphins and seals frolicking in the sea, to koalas and kangaroos on land and sea-eagles or black cockatoos in the air: while you might be secluded, you’ll never be too far from the locals.
For the more active, bushwalks are an amazing way to explore the surrounds. Get to know the locals well as you walk along 10 kilometres of uninterrupted coves, cliffs and coastline that border De Mole Farm.



On the expansive De Mole Farm, where Kangaroo Beach Lodges are based, there are 8,000 acres of diverse land, wildlife, native vegetation and seven kilometres of stunning sea frontage.
For 40 years the farm has been run by a local Australian family, whose homestead sits 4km from the lodges themselves. Your hosts, are more than willing to share their knowledge of the area, environment, history and the best-kept secrets.

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