VALID FROM 07 December 2016

RATES AND CHARGES: You agree that you will pay Kangaroo Beach Lodges (KBL) the room rate for each day of your stay and any additional charges up until the time you advise us you have departed from the Lodges.

All rates are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) per lodge per night and are inclusive of GST.

Rates are subject to availability and can change without notification.

Rates are quoted for the agreed period of time for the number of guests indicated. A minimum two (2) night stay is required for all bookings and this minimum may increase at different times of the year.

Maximum capacity for each Lodge is eight (8) guests.

DEPOSIT, BOOKING AND CONFIRMATION POLICY: Upon making a reservation request (Reservation), whether by phone, email or the internet, you must provide us with as much detail as possible, including the full names of all guests, room arrangements, arrival and departure times and method of arrival and departure.

For bookings other than bookings submitted via the internet, all information should be in writing and sent through to KBL either by email: inquiries@kangaroobeachlodges.com or otherwise by post to PO Box 7126, Hutt Street, South Australia 5000.

A Reservation will only be converted to a confirmed booking (Booking) when, within three (3) days of receipt by KBL of your Reservation request:

(a) you pay an amount equal to 30% of the total accommodation cost (Deposit);

(b) you have read and accepted KBL Terms and Conditions, via our web booking facility or otherwise; and

(c) KBL receives your Deposit in cleared funds.

KBL reserves the right to reject any confirmed booking (notwithstanding receipt of a Deposit) or reservation and in this case will refund any Deposit you have paid in full.

The balance of your total accommodation costs (Balance) must be paid at least thirty (30) days before the first day of your confirmed booking (Due Date).

Failure to pay the Balance by the Due Date will result in automatic cancellation of your Booking and your Deposit will be retained in part or in whole by KBL in accordance with the cancellation policy set out below.

A Reservation which is requested within the thirty (30) day period prior to the first day of your intended stay will require full payment of all accommodation costs and confirmation of your agreement to these Terms and Conditions within forty-eight (48) hours of your request.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any cancellations of Reservations or Bookings must be provided to KBL in writing.

Cancellations received by KBL no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the first day of your intended stay will entitle you to a refund equal to 50% of your Deposit only. The remaining 50% of your Deposit will be retained by KBL as a cancellation fee.

Cancellations received by KBL less than forty five (45) days prior to the first day of your intended stay will result in the entire Deposit (and/or other monies paid) being forfeited as a cancellation fee.

Any refund, or cancellation fees payable, in respect of any additional services you have booked and paid for (such as tours or catering), will be paid or retained in accordance with the policy of the service provider in question and KBL accepts no liability or responsibility in respect of these amounts.

In the event KBL exercise its right to change, cancel or reallocate your Booking, you will be reimbursed your Deposit and/or Balance in full.

PAYMENT PROCEDURES: If paying by cheque, cheques should be made payable to Kangaroo Beach Lodges and posted to: PO Box 7126, Hutt Street, South Australia 5000.

If paying by direct deposit, please send payment advice to KBL in writing. Direct deposits applied to:

Account Name: Kangaroo Beach Lodges
BSB: 105-900
Account Number: 169 785 440

If paying by credit, please note that payments by credit card will incur a transaction fee reflecting the bank charges incurred by KBL. Current fees are 1.5% of the transaction total for VISA and MASTERCARD and 3.35% of the transaction total for AMERICAN EXPRESS and DINERS CLUB. Fees are subject to change without notification. Payments by Cash or Direct Debit do not incur transaction fees.

CHECK-IN/OUT: Check-in time is between 3:00pm and 5.30pm and check-out time is 11:00am unless otherwise arranged. Please be sure to contact the manager at Kangaroo Beach on (08) 8559 3203 if you are going to be later than expected. It is your responsibility to arrange and confirm a check-in time and collection of your Lodge key prior to your travel to Kangaroo Island. A $100 fee will be incurred for any loss of or damage to lodge keys.

You must advise us of any change to the number of persons using your Booking and agree to pay any additional charges for additional persons not included in the number stated at the time of your Booking.

BOND: A valid credit card MUST be presented on check-in as bond security for your stay. An impression of your credit card will be made but no transaction will be processed other than in accordance with this clause. You will also be required to sign a bond form and you agree that any charges for services to you, not billed at the time of finalising your booking, may be added to your account for settlement as arranged or be charged to the credit card provided.

KBL will hold the bond as security to be applied towards the carrying out of repairs or replacement of any damaged, destroyed, or missing (whether stolen or otherwise) property, including livestock.

USE OF LODGES: The Lodges are to be used for short term residential accommodation only and not for any commercial use, wedding, party, gathering or any other function without the knowledge and written consent of KBL’s owners and/or managers and KBL reserves the right to refuse any such request.

Any event or function permitted by KBL is done so under the understanding that guests/participants will not exceed number of bedrooms required for the duration of the booking and property and staff will be obligated to provide accommodation only – all other arrangements regarding catering, additional equipment required, transportation, guest/participant coordination, etc. will be handled directly by the guest and not be the responsibility of KBL.

FACILITIES AND SERVICES: Whilst care is taken to ensure that the description of our facilities and services is accurate, these are continually being changed and upgraded. If any feature or facility is essential to you choosing a particular Lodge, it is your responsibility to confirm prior to making your Booking that the feature or facility will be available during your stay.

To the extent permitted by law, KBL is not liable for omissions, errors or changes to the facilities and services at the Lodges, whether temporary or permanent.

TELEPHONE/INTERNET: Internet is provided for basic browsing and emails only and not for downloading purposes without prior written agreement from KBL. Phone and internet charges, where applicable, will be charged to you at cost

PARKING: Covered parking is not available. There is sufficient space for two cars only to be parked by each Lodge. Guests are not permitted to park cars by unoccupied Lodges and/or by Lodges that are not occupied by the vehicle owner/driver.

HOUSEKEEPING: KBL’s Lodges are provided as self-contained accommodation. One (1) housekeeping services is provided only for Bookings of seven (7) days or more and will be undertaken on day three (3) or four (4) of your stay, as suitable to you. Please advise if you do not require this service.

MAINTENANCE: You are required to leave the Lodges and surroundings in a tidy condition. Rubbish must be placed in the rubbish bins provided. Failure to leave the Lodges and surrounding land in a tidy condition may result in a cleaning fee being charged to you and deducted from your bond.

SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted inside any of the Lodges.

PETS: No pets are permitted in the Lodges or on surrounding property.

THE PROPERTY: Although KBL welcomes you to explore the property, it is also a working farm and any direct interference with the farm’s operation may result in labour being charged to you.

Any attempts to explore the property should be done so with caution by all guests who are unfamiliar with the landscape.

In the interests of guest safety and due to the remoteness, landscape and wildlife, KBL encourages guests to contact the managers prior to embarking on any expedition and likewise to check in upon return.

Many tourist advisory sites advise against driving around Kangaroo Island at night or to at least do so with extreme caution. This is exceptionally true for the Western end of Kangaroo Island, which has a higher concentration of wild native animals. It is quite common for these animals to congregate at the side of or even on the road after sunset, posing a danger to themselves and motorists alike.

We strongly recommend guests plan their arrival in accordance with these hazards. Please note that sunset occurs generally at about 5:30-6:00pm during Winter months (March to August) and 7:00-8:00pm during Summer (September to February).

WARNINGS: The Lodges are situated within a working farm with livestock on the land and you and your guests and invitees must take care to ensure you do not harm or frighten the livestock.

The accommodation is also situated close to the coast which has dangerous tides, potential king waves or rocky ledges or rocks, exposed cliffs, unfenced dams and native fauna.

Cliff faces can crumble and you should not go close to the cliffs.

All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult.

Any participation in swimming, kayaking, snorkelling or any other activity is at your own risk.

As such, by providing Confirmation of Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions or, where you fail to provide Confirmation and Acceptance, by staying at the Lodges, you accept full responsibility for the health and wellbeing of your guests and invitees and for warning them of these risks and dangers and KBL will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage suffered or incurred by any of your invitees or guests whilst at the Lodges or on the surrounding property.

GETTING AROUND: Please refer to the printable map provided on our website:


Note that Kangaroo Beach Lodges is located in a very rural part of Kangaroo Island, the nearest township being some 45kms away. As such, it pays to be prepared for your stay. Some provisions and amenities can be provided for you, given prior notice, however for self-provisioned bookings, it is solely the clients’ responsibility to acknowledge these distances and plan their trip accordingly.

Note that Kangaroo Island does not have a dedicated public transport service (i.e. buses, taxis, etc.) Transfers to and from the airport or ferry port can be arranged, however will incur additional costs.

Guests opting to self-drive should be aware that farm roads are unsealed. Most vehicles can get around without too much trouble, however use of a 4WD is strongly suggested, especially in winter months.

Note that micro cars (i.e. Hyundai Getz or similar) are NOT suitable due to insufficient clearance.

Guests must take responsibility for their own safety at all times and take necessary precautions to avoid injury or illness.

We recommend relevant travel/health insurance.

Any damage to the land and/or loss of anything owned by KBL must be reported immediately to the Manager.

THIRD PARTY FACILITIES AND SERVICES: KBL sometimes provides access to third party products or services and KBL is not liable under any circumstances for any failure by third party providers to provide products or services, nor for any error, alteration or change of any kind made by those third party providers following acceptable of a booking by them. All third party products and services are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by those third parties.

KBL does not warrant the accuracy of any information, statements or representations by third parties and is not liable for any act or omission, default or negligence of any third party provider.

RELEASES AND INDEMNITY: Any monies or other valuables, goods or vehicles that belong to you, brought in or on to the Lodges, grounds or KBL property remain your responsibility and KBL is not responsible for their safekeeping.

To the extent permitted by law, you agree to release and hold harmless KBL and its current and former officers, employees and agents from and against all expenses, costs, liability, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, judgements and losses of any kind whatsoever (including consequential and economic losses, theft, property loss and/or damage and damage for injury including personal injury and death) arising out of, or caused by, or attributable to or resulting from your Reservation, your Booking or your stay at the Lodges by you or any of your guests and/or invitees for any reason whatsoever. You agree to indemnify KBL and its current and former officers, employees and agents for all expenses, costs, liabilities, claims, actions, proceedings, damages, judgements and losses of any kind whatsoever (including consequential and economic losses, property loss and/or damage and damage for injury including personal injury and death) incurred or suffered by KBL or its current or former officers, employees or agents arising out of, caused by, attributable to or resulting from your Reservation, your Booking or your stay at the Lodges by you or any of your guests and/or invitees except to the extent caused by the negligence of KBL.

You agree that regardless of the length of your stay there is no tenancy or other proprietary rights created under any laws. We grant you a licence to stay in the Lodges and we reserve the right to terminate the licence at any time.

GENERAL: These terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of South Australia, Australia.

USE OF INFORMATION: You agree we may use your email address to send you information.

PRIVACY: KBL adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. All information collected from you is required to either meet the requirements of the State legislation regarding the maintenance of a guest register, for fire safety reasons, for billing purposes or for any other purpose stated in our Privacy Policy. We will not make this information available to any third party without your prior consent except where required by law or to enforce our collection of amounts owing by you. You must advise us if any details you provide at the time of your Reservation or Booking are incorrect. All information and data provided to us will be retained for the minimum length of time to comply with taxation and accounting requirements (usually 7 years). Any personal information or data is accessible only by KBL’s authorised personnel. We will not knowingly permit any misuse of your information or data.

A copy of the KBL Privacy Policy is available at: http://www.kangaroobeachlodges.com/privacy/

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